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Feburary 25, 2007
Feeling: Batman...

Song: Carona

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At the moment my internet is down-so I have to upload everything at the college-Im going to. Heh heh, I probably spend hours here... sigh, when will my internet be nice....? Anywho, Moi Dix Mois will release their new Album DIXANADU  on 3/28/07!  What to expect? I dont know... how about some awesome stuff!  Mana has done that red and black thing... I wish those leather pants were just black... sigh... its called Dix-Tick or something strange like that... I like the way Mana is going with his music, rock with a touch of classical.  Awesome awesome awesome... For those of you wondering what concerts are coming up I suggest you look at JaME. It's a really cool site.  They also have contests, ex: they had two miyavi cups *signed and all*. Gackt hasnt done anything COOL... cuz he smokes too much crack... News is hes writting something I tried to translate some news about it but I didnt get too far... Something about disaster... envoirnment... something something... All so happy that Gackt is starting something new? Yoshiki and Gackt and some other weird dude... *heh heh* are creating the ULTA-BAND! Course gackt isnt the voice of it... At least thats what most articals are saying... Gackt will probably only write the lyrics.  Also, If people could please find some american Lolita stores? I want to look at some of them... I am aware of three of them, but they all have a limited collection... and please tell me if any of you have bought anything from them and tell me what you thought... was it poorly made? Was it awesome? Was the designer on crack?


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