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Labyrinth Story


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To share links please send me an email with your URL and button if you want to. Please take the image above and use it as the link for this site and if you choose to just use the name as the link text please name the site 'LabyrinthStory'. 


Movie/Music sites:
Dear Nana: Nana the Manga/Anime/Movie info and downloads: J-Pop
Casshern: A movie thats only worth watching once.
Kagen no Tsuki/Last Quarter: Beautiful site-beautiful movie a must have.
Battle Royale: Great Movie-for the strong stomach.
Music Rotation Sites:
Koshka Brodit: Music Rotation site: More J-pop music then J-rock
Electric Cucumber: Music Rotation site: J-Rock/Metal
beautiful-illusions: Music/Video Rotation site: J-rock/metal
PRELUDE: Mega-Music rotation site, awesome request list! J-rock/Metal
Ongakuteki: Music/Pics and info on Japanese artists! J-pop and J-rock
Flow: Nice Jpop rotation site and some Jrock..
ongaku: Music Rotation site of every kind.
Plastic Cafe: Music Rotation site and videos Jrock and Pop... some metal
Cometa: Been using this site for ages... its pretty good.
Anti-Nostalgic: Awesome rotation site!
Tatoeba: Pretty good, long rotation-also good.
MilkyWay: Pretty good stuff...
Hana to zo Yuki: Pretty good rotation site very dependable, fanfic, artwork
Noisy Silence: Despite how much this person hates Gackt, they do often put up his music... heh you cant fight him... 'Boku no wa Vanilla..." heh heh... anywho, pretty good jrock site.
Mercy: Been around for some time now... i love this site!
To Your Beat: Nice... eh musicness
Saigo no Tenshi: One of the few sites that have been up and running wonderfuly...
Interactive Sites:
BabbleFish translation: Not so good, but you can get the just of the translation...
Mana Doll: Have fun dressing up your Mana online paper doll!
VNL STREAMERS!: This was my first video watching site-Japanese artists! And Anime!
Youtube: Those of you who do not know anything about this site... you've been deprived! Yaoi, anime, and Jrock/japanese music videos!!! FOR FREE! But no downloading...
Inter'Gackt'ive: Awe so cute! I love this thing! And if you look at his stomach-they gave him abbs!!!
Information Sites:
Boys on Boys on Film: Hooks you up with some great yaoi/gay movies,books, manga, and anime... if your a fan..
Anime Expo 2006: Look up new information of the convention! Regester NOW before prices go up!
Gackt Lyric Site: It's pretty cool...
BakaNeko: Shows you how to draw Manga status... if you want to...
Jame! America!: Japanese bands... info about if their still running and news about new singles, albums, concerts in Japan and America.. and give you sites so you can buy tickets, pretty cool place.
Shopping/Support sites:
In the Starlight: Nice Gothic Lolita clothing site.
Yesasia: I love this place! I bought my Gackt concert there! So cool! LOV ELOVE LVOE! OOPS...
Animecrack: Bootlegs...-yes... but when your tight on money this is the next best thing.
animecastle: Same thing as animecrack...
CDJAPAN: Buy anime, movies, and Japanese music!
Dollfie Story Sites:
Den of Angels: Nice photo-filled dollfie owner site, good for inspiration
Fallen from Briah: Pretty good.
FanFic Sites:
SupaCat: Pretty good, has Jrock fanfiction... sometimes I read this stuff too.. heh heh
AdultFanfiction: Nice place... kinda interesting stories... ONLY 18 AND UP!
Band Sites:
Mistula: I like this band... if you've never heard of them, their a band that uses Dollfies to represent the members... you should take a look.
DIR EN GREY: WHOOSH! 'We're not metal.'
Gackt: HEH HEH Nice little site not a lot you can do but uh...

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Into the Labyrinth you get lost and there is no light to show you to way out.... just darkness...