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June 18, 2006

Feeling: Hot….~ ~ ~

Song: Mugen No Hana-Alice Nine


So sorry to those of you who don’t have iTunes, I know other music players don’t allow you to play .m4a files, but right now just wait. Next rotation will include the music that is in m4a format. So you can enjoy them soon. I’m so glad people are taking the time to look at my site-makes me so happy. Trying to get enough money to go to the anime expo-hopefully I’ll convince my parents to let me go... kind of sad really. Speaking of the anime expo-they seemed to have posted up the final schedules for the four day event… even if the 3rd and 4th day have the same events… Sad? Yeah pretty much. Illuminate mistress says Mana will be there-don’t know what day. If any of you have been into concerts news Mana was supposed to be in America doing a tour, but he canceled not to long ago. Reasoning is they were having problems with the American planners* or whatever. My thoughts were that he wasn’t going to bother coming to the Expo… but he seems to want to show that he’s planning to do a tour and make up for the cancellation. So if you live in the southern California area and your planning to go to the expo remember to bring a fair amount of cash to buy a Midi Nette product to get it signed- because that’s all he will be signing. Also if you’re an obsessive Gackt fan you'll be upset to find out that Takano Yuri just let out a CM with our beloved Gackt and the interesting Ryoko. The CM has a ‘Blue Lagoon’ theme to it, which was what Takano Yuri people wanted. If you bother to look up on the Takano Yuri site as well-you can read about it. Also if anyone’s interested I wanted to put up a YAOI manga rotation list-for all you Yaoi fan girls/guys. Oh-also a mini Yaoi panel will be at the anime expo for ages 16 and up. YAOI CON will be happening too-some day soon… more on that later though-all I can tell you right now is that you have to be 18+, if your younger don’t bother looking up the YAOI CON site or anything because you’ll end up getting upset… I’ll be going tough!!! HAHAHA… I’m so cruel…

Okay more later.



June 28, 2006

Feeling: Smart and satisfied (-_-) yup…

Song: Hoshi no Suna (crescent album)-Gackt

If you go to the anime expo site you can see pictures of the guests that are attending the event. However, Mana is still not on the list, but the article you can read about under the link name ‘Mana in Expo’ confirms his attendance. Mana and the famous Noboru Ishiguro, who created the Robotech saga and more, were announced in the article plus those you already know about like Clamp. However there are no dates that are being posted that tell you what days either of which is going to be at the expo, I mean Mana and Ishiguro. More on that later though. Also you must now pay 55 dollars to get into the Anime Expo, you’ll have to pick up your badge at the registration building because it past the mail date. I guess there’s no hurry now that the price cant get any higher, thank god. Gackt has seemed to have written in his DEARS diary on the 17th. I would give a bit of information… like what it involved but no quotes. BUT, I’m not a DEARS member- so I can’t really tell you what it’s about. It’s been a couple of days since I posted up my music list of ‘Gs’ and I need to update them- I got two new Gackt songs. ^_^ So excited, I really cant wait until the Family Values tour comes around my way-I hope that Dir en Grey will be in the concert I’m going to be at. If you want to join the emailing list go to the family values website and sign up-Links at the top. Heh, I just read that you have to contact NOFUTURE if you are concerned about your tickets you bought for the cancelled tour by Moi Dix Mois. Seems that Nana IS HITTING the US like a crazy, its really starting a fever over here. Next thing you know people are going to hang out by bridges dressed in drag or something-not that I'm hating… I would love to see that. You know Japan fashion is FAR from ours around here-in America. Ravers! You have met your match! Take a look at the Japan Fashion link above. No other news besides that, oh I would like to that you guys for coming by, really. I have open requests-so go on ahead.



June 7, 2006

Feeling: Bored... very bored...

Song: Wicked Game(666 REMIX)- HIM

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    Sadly I couldnt go to the anime expo-last minute setbacks... kind of depressing. But with time it will heal. Sorry I havent updated my request list, been busy with... nothing. Internet hasnt been the best of friend lately-the bastard. Okay news--- got to do the news thing.

Most of you obsessed Gackt fans already know that Gackt will be playing Uesugi Kenshin in the Samurai Drama Fuurinkazan. It will be airing in the beginging of 2007, I'll post up what channel some of you DISH owners can watch it on... if anyone has more information on this please send me an email. If those of you are interested in the plot of the Drama and not the sexy ness of the Gackt-you can read the novel since it was just translated a couple of months ago. Gackt is really taking this show serously, saying he wants to revive the lost samuria spirit.

France is filled with dissapointment-Gackt who was supposed to attend the JAPANEXPO in france canceled, but he said that he would film a special film that would be shown to his fans at the Japan Expo.

Yaoi Con seems like they'er following the same registration rules as the anime expo did. Right now you can buy your badge for 50 bucks. At the door the badge costs 60 bucks so if your over 18 buy your badge asap!

Ayumi Hamasaki... or whatever... shes bustin in... it kinda of sucks... Im no fan of Miss. Shocked-Face, but a lot of kidS are.



January 19, 2007 
Feeling: Chill

Song: Coin Operated Boy- The Dresden Dolls

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Hello All! Once again I was off in lala land thinking about pointless things… but enough about me.  I hope some of you are not COMPLETELY broke from the AX, now its time for the PMX: Pacific Media Expo.  So grab your costumes and your allowance because this is what those J-POP/J-ROCK/ VISUAL KEI fans have been waiting for. This event is TWO days long 28-29 of October, and is located in Los Angeles. So what is expected at PMX?! Well here’s them PLANS:



*Attending panels

*signing autographs



*Cash & Prizes



*Lolita Party

*Meet Lolita Clothing Designers!


*Present skills of costume design!

*Sweet Loli, Guro Loli, Elegant Aristocrat, or invent your own. *taken from PMX description*










Shinobi - U.S PREMIERE

Tokyo zombie

And more!

Eh…. And if you want you can meet…. NOIZ…. Bla…..


I’m a little late on it but there was a rumor going around about gackt and yoshiki planning to start a band together, however Yoshiki can barely get his album out! *ps to all you noble yoshiki fans I respect genus!* Don’t look forward to that anytime soon.  Gackt has put out his red and blue video collection *is this goodbye?* he is also writing music for a Chinese singer- Ji Minjia- he has written two songs for her one called Last Song and the other Lover愛しい人. And it turns out Gackt is having a tour, and it’s for DEARS only… great stuff… you bastard.  Plastic Tree had a WORLD TOUR, good for them… Wanna win a Miyavi signed cup? Go to Jame for more info.

Also read Miyavi’s EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW on Jame! He seems to have plans for a tour in the US-EUROPE-ASIA! Moi dix Mois : New Single[Lamentful Miss] You must have this your must love track 2!!!!


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