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Labyrinth Story


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Requested Video: Bara No Konrei (Bridal Of Rose)
Featuring the Band: Malice Mizer

Bara No Konrei (Bridal Of Rose)

I bet some of you were confused to why you looked up the album 'Bara no Seidou' and didn't find anything about the movie I spoke of. I don't know why the two have different names-but I was mistaken to call it a soundtrack-because it’s known as the last ALBUM that Malice Mizer let out. Some of you-new and old-fans are probably wondering what this is. If any of you recall Malice Mizers Bel Air (le'image) which was a silent film featuring Malice Mizers 2nd vocalist Gackt Camui -that's basically what this movie is-a silent film. Not that its about a man and a woman loving each other but there are problems that they must overcome, this movie follows the Bram Stokers Dracula storyline. This movie is slightly better than the last one-because you are actually told what’s happening. The movie has little subtitles of what the characters are meant to be saying. Which is better because I don’t get why Malice Mizer thought that people would get the complete SILENT version that Gackt was in? Its better and seems like they had a higher budget, which is good.


Klaha: AS Klaha who is a noble that is engaged to the beautifulCecil.

Mana: A Nun and a Vampire who was accused of being a witch. Also seems like a 'ringleader' of some sort.

Kozi: A vampire who seemed to follow Mana before he was burned... or she...

Yuki: The Count himself- he is searching for his bride...

Before you download this movie I suggest you take a look at the TRAILER-it would help you now what to expect from this film.

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Comming Up!!!! Miyavi in Oresama!!!

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