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Labyrinth Story


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Mini Rotation 4: Beauty of Saddness and Love *Links are not working please come back on the 25th!!!!*****

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Song name

Tsuki no Uta & Hoshi no Suna
5/5: I first heard Tsuki no Uta on an old streamer site-when I was watching the music video. I really loved it! I listened to it over and over again *and my computer would freeze becuase of the constant overplay* I then recieved a different version from a soundtrack, that one anime with the name I can't remember because its so oddly spelt that my own brain freezes. Tsuki no Uta is the saddest song I have ever heard, unlike the happy Marmalade *which it too had a sad meaning yet it still had some sort of confert to it*, it IS a sad song. Its about waiting for someone-because you want to see them again to badly that time doesnt even matter anymore, and as you die you still feel like your waiting. Beautiful sad and so very gackt to put that kind of love in words. Hoshi no Suna -even if I was unable to understand Japanese when I first heard this song I could still tell it was ONE SAD SONG. I cried when I heard this song for the first time, and even know while I type this and listen to this song I feel FREAKIN DEPRESSED. Good stuff hail gackt.


Silver and Cold & The Great Disapointment
Sing the Sorrow
3/5: I would have to say this album is NOT my favorite at all. However it is slightly catchy. AFI's newest album 'Winter.... something or other' *cant you tell I dont pay attention?* is MUCH better.... sigh they improved so well. Silver and Cold the MUSIC VIDEO, is sad sad sad, the birth of EMO in my heart, guy says he's going to kill himself, friends try to stop him, they die-he chickens out and lives. .... sad.

Please Dont Let Go & Killing Loneliness
Albums *in order*: Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights & Dark Light
5/5: Im kind of embarresed to say the only reason I listen to H.I.M is because someone made a AMV using The Sacrement with Loveless visuals. I LOVE that song. but this isnt about that song... In a way this EMO-like band has a lovely romantic side to them... and I love listening to this band...

When You Where Young & Believe Me Natalie
The Killers
in order: Sam's Town & Hot Fuss
5/5: I never paid much attention to the killers... they might have owned the world and I still would care less. And then they let out SAMS TOWN-and now they're on the MAP *MUCH APRECIATED PEOPLE*. I first heard WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG when it was being played on IMF, BEAUTIFUL SONG. I love the singers voice. LOVE LOVE LOVE..... oh and the other songs coo' too.

Silent Memory & C no Binetsu
Limit Control *Whole Album available*
2/5: I'm going to be honest, I dont care about this band.... they could blow up and Ill be all 'How sad.... oh well" then again i feel like that about A LOT of things... I'm posting these songs at random.... cept for HIM and Gackt..... and THE KILLERS.... if that leaves anything else....

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Into the Labyrinth you get lost and there is no light to show you to way out.... just darkness...